Three Universal Features Of Comfort Bikes

Comfort Bike Highlights

There are three major highlights that set comfort bikes apart from other cycles. We’ll touch on those here. If you can find a site like Dave’s that reviews the best comfort bikes, you’ll be able to sort through the nonsense to get the best deal.

1. Seat Shock

In addition to a plush rear seat, the best options also include a rear shock that helps smooth the bumps. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from back pain and want a non-jarring ride.

2. Front Shock

This is essential and you will find this on every single comfort bike. These shocks take a lot of the bounce out of the road and improve the ride quality by 100%.

3. Upright Position

Leaning forward on a bicycle is not comfortable. When people think about “bikes” they tend to think of the tight, bent over positions of road and mountain bikes.

These comfort-focused model have, at their core, and upright position. Additional, the handlebars are often adjustable to help create and even more upright position.

There are some variations, but these three features are the core.