fredag 14 januari 2011

Canyon läxar upp Cervélo del 2

Tidigare här på sidan har jag skrivit om Canyon´s och Cervélo tvist angående deras sadelrör. Nu har dom kommit till en överenskommelse som innebär att Cervélo får fortsätta tillverka sina ramar på samma sätt i utbyte mot att Canyon får utnyttja några av Cervélo´s patent.
Läs hela pressreleasen nedan.

Canyon´s senaste Aeroad, snart ännu bättre?

Press Release

Amicable agreement between two main driving forces in the bicycle industry
Cervélo and Canyon reach settlement out of court Koblenz, Neuchatel, Toronto, 14 January 2011 – The legal actions between Cervélo and Canyon about the Maximus Seat Tube patent were amicably settled after a constructive
dialogue between both parties.
Both companies regard themselves as highly-innovative companies in the bicycle industry. They inherently acknowledge the other party’s intellectual property and the resulting protective rights.
In the current case Canyon filed a lawsuit regarding the violation of the Maximus Seat Tube patent, which was granted by the Higher Regional Court in Düsseldorf. The European Patent Office declared the Maximus Seat Tube for fully patentable, but demanded Canyon adjust its claim. It is already patented in nine European countries, corresponding patents have been granted in the USA and China.
The legal actions are settled. Cervélo is allowed to continue manufacturing its frames in the familiar way. In return Canyon gets the right to use certain patents of Cervélo. Confidentiality was agreed upon by both parties regarding the details of this arrangement and no further statements will be made.
Gerard Vroomen, co-founder of Cervelo, was satisfied with the result: “We’re happy this matter is resolved, that’s good news for both companies and for consumers.” Roman Arnold,chief executive of Canyon, expressed his satisfaction as well: „After the long lasting lawsuit both sides can once again concentrate on what they can do best: build high class, innovative and trendsetting bicycles.”

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Snarkus sa...

Skön lösning på det! Gött med något de båda tjänar på (och dessutom konsumenterna).

Micke sa...

Ja absolut, ska bli spännande vad som blir av detta.