10 Bike Hacks [Video]

I was watching Youtube at 3 AM when I ran across this gem. Here are ten bike hacks for making your riding experience more enjoyable.

There are cool ideas in here that I had never thought off. Like pouring water on the inside of grips to get them to slide off. Pretty smart. And then they also have a good trick for getting the grips back on. I’ll probably stick with hairspray because that is what I keep on hand.

The U-lock trick was pretty smart, as well. I always carry a cable lock around with me which can be pretty bulky and a pain to carry. By locking the rear wheel to the bike rack on the inside of the bike frame, you make it impossible to remove the bike. Of course, you might have a couple of thieves try because it looks like you should be able to get the bike off by removing the rear wheel. If you doubt the security of this method, then give it a try. It’s like a Japanese puzzle. There is no way to get the wheel off.

Also, oiling your bike pump is a good trick. I like to do mine at the start of every year since I figure it probably dries out a little during the winter. Keeping the pump lubed not only reduces squeaks, but it can also help the seal last longer. I’ve had pumps last me for over a decade and think it has to do with the way I protect and care for them.

There are a lot more tips in this video, but the one about adding baking soda to your dish soap to get grease off your hands are very smart. Just a little grit can do a lot to remove that stubborn grease.

Check out the hacks. Which ones did you already know about?

[3.5 Million Views?] How fast can a BMX bike Go?

I know that we mostly talk about Mountain bikes on this show (and interview a lot of mountain bike riders).

But this video caught my eye. If you haven’t seen it, add it to your much watch list.

It starts off as a Vlog. Going to the doctor, stopping by a Mechanic.. your boring Wednesday afternoon off of work.

But then it takes a turn for the crazy. He starts exploring a drainage ditch that has a steep drop in. And then as he explores more, he starts finding more culverts and other cool elements.

The GoPro footage is quite fun, and this drainage ditch looks like it is ideal for riding half-pipe.

He then moves over to “the hook” and famous waterway structure that has been taken over by BMXers as their secret playground. It is a spillway for a lake and has an aggressive, deadly drop.

It truly is a street rider’s Nirvana.

And, he doesn’t stop, there.

The spillway is so steep; it looks like it would be almost impossible to climb. There are multiple embankments, and it takes a lot of bravery not to think you’ll get trapped.

The ride down, though, is what is insane. He does it without brakes.

The entire video is a refreshing look at illegal BMX and the places it will take you if you aren’t concerned about getting kicked out once in a while.

Finding Your Flow

I know I haven’t updated this in awhile. I’ve been busy with school and haven’t had the time to do interviews. I did call some guys, and, as race season starts up, I have a few riders interested in coming on the show. So stay tuned.

One of the things I love about mountain biking (or anything in life) is when you are in the zone. There is a lot of research about finding your zone in sports, and it is a combination of finding something that is just slightly challenging but that you have developed the skillset to be good at it.

It is in this place, with just the right amount of pressure, but with enough skills to over come that pressure, that you can enter “the zone.”

Fascinatingly enough, being in “the zone” can give you as much as a 20% boost in productivity. So it is something that top athletes train for repeatedly.

In this video, GMBN talks about “flow,” that skill set that lets you easily cruise between obstacles and love every minute of it. It is this “flow” that can then translate to being in “the zone” once you master it.

Don’t expect these skills to come overnight. Watch this video a few times and then go try to implement it.

Then — and this is important — take notes and compare your ride with how you think it should have gone? What areas did you bungle? Drill those some more. Maybe even set up a camera on that spot so you can watch yourself. There are a lot of bikers who wear helmet cams, but not enough who give themselves a third-eye view of their technique. Doing so can give you a huge advantage when it comes to race day.

Just carry a small tripod with you, and you can quickly switch your GoPro from being a helmet cam over to being a tripod cam. Works like a charm.

Three Universal Features Of Comfort Bikes

Comfort Bike Highlights

There are three major highlights that set comfort bikes apart from other cycles. We’ll touch on those here. If you can find a site like Dave’s that reviews the best comfort bikes, you’ll be able to sort through the nonsense to get the best deal.

1. Seat Shock

In addition to a plush rear seat, the best options also include a rear shock that helps smooth the bumps. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from back pain and want a non-jarring ride.

2. Front Shock

This is essential and you will find this on every single comfort bike. These shocks take a lot of the bounce out of the road and improve the ride quality by 100%.

3. Upright Position

Leaning forward on a bicycle is not comfortable. When people think about “bikes” they tend to think of the tight, bent over positions of road and mountain bikes.

These comfort-focused model have, at their core, and upright position. Additional, the handlebars are often adjustable to help create and even more upright position.

There are some variations, but these three features are the core.

How To Crush It Your 1st Time Mountain Biking

My buddies had been after me to go mountain biking with them for months. One of them even had an extra mountain bike that I could borrow.

I always had an excuse. Deep inside, I think I was just intimidated. They were all expert mountain bikers, and all I could envision was doing a spectacular face plant into a tree as I tried keeping up with them.

Of course, we finally went. I think I wrecked three times on that first trip. Nothing serious, but mountain biking is more challenging than the road riding I normally do.

But I had fun and I went again. And then again. And again. And, with each trip, I got faster and became more confident.

With time, I even purchased a mountain bike, and now we ride all the time. There is nothing better than spending a Saturday on the track.

Here are a few tips I wish my buddies had given me before I went out the first time.

1. Bring Water

Hopefully, I don’t need to tell you this, but bring 20 oz of water for every 40 minutes of riding that you plan to do. Whether you are using a camelback or just stuffing water bottles in your shorts, you have to stay hydrated.

2. Wear a Helmet

Do you need graphic photos? I didn’t think so. Put the helmet on.

3. Invest In Shorts

You might not even have a mountain bike, yet, but if you are going to spend more than 30 minutes on the bike, you need to invest in a pair of cycling shorts.

Now, I realize that “cycling shorts” is the hot new phrase for tight, short, spandex shorts, so let me clarify.

In this sport, we use padded shorts. Yes, they are made of spandex, but they have one differentiator: a thick foam padding that is used to add comfort.

These shorts increase your comfort in two ways: first of all, they help protect your skin from chafing on itself. Secondly, the padding provides incredible support, especially for the “untrained” butt.

Keep in mind that you do not wear underwear under these shorts. You want these shorts to be tight against your bottom so you can get the full benefit.

4. Go At Your Own Pace

I was concerned about keeping up with my friends. You don’t have to worry about that. You can wait as long as you need to before dropping down a hill. You can ride the brakes all the way down if you need to. You can take the “chicken trail” instead of taking the jump.

Safety is important. There isn’t any pride that is worth a broken collarbone. The big deal is to keep chasing as hard and as fast, as you are comfortable with. And no faster.

That might mean walking up some hills. That is ok.

It might even mean walking down hills.

People do get hurt when riding off the road. And so you need to respect your internal compass and not push further than your brain is ready for.

5. Practice

One of the fun aspects of Mountain biking is developing your skill-set. If you have a problem area, then take some time repeating that section of the course.

Sure, you might not want to do it today, but make a mental note to revisit this section. Some people do that by riding a loop that passes the same area. Others just ride that section over and over before moving on.

This might be something that you want to come back and do by yourself (or warn your friends of time that you are going to spend some time on it).

I think you’ll find that this sport celebrates skill development. And your friends will be excited to help you develop through those areas where you are challenged. We all enjoy being the best rider we can be and we enjoy celebrating each other as we reach new levels of skills.

So make a plan for revising the stubborn parts of the course and enjoy watching yourself progress.

6. Eyes On The Trail

Trees blend in with other trees and tend to jump out at you when you least expect it.

The trick, here, is to stay alert. Keep your head up and maintain a conscious awareness of both the trees and the ground problems that are in your path.

This is especially important if you hope to stop and take a selfie. Please, for the love of all things decent, GET OFF THE TRAIL. There is no excuse for being in another rider’s way when you try to capture the fun you are having.

Perhaps I come down a little hard on this, but, more than once, I’ve come flying down a trail just to find some noobs blocking the trail, performing their best duck faces. Hell, I’ll hold the camera for you, just don’t block the trail!

7. Get Clipless

The thought of having shoes that are clipped into the pedals is terrifying.

However, there are a lot of advantages to this setup. Whether you are dropping off a cliff, bouncing over roots, or dodging trees, your feet need to stay attached to your pedals, both for safety and for producing power.

This is especially noticeable when climbing hills. Hills are hard enough, even without your feet slipping off the pedals. Having a system that keeps your feet on the pedals means that you can climb in any conditions.

You can also pull up on these clipless pedals, which means that you can use an entirely different muscle group to move forward. This gives you a better workout. It also gives you more power.

The fear people have is that they will wreck in their pedals and find themselves in a worse situation than if they had their feet free.

I’ve been in a few accidents, and I find that it keeps your legs closer to the body and the bicycle so that you are better protected during the fall. Additionally, you can loosen the clips so that your feet are barely clipped in. When you get them that loose, you have all of the control without being trapped. Getting out of a pair of loose pedals is very easy. It is just a quick twist of the ankles and you don’t even have to think about it to get free.

If you don’t believe me, stop by your local bike shop and ask them to set you up with a pair of pedals that are adjusted all the way down. You might be surprised at how loose they are.

8. Essential Skills

I’m going to throw one more in here on skill development

There are times when you need to have your wheel up to keep from doing a header. There are times when you need to press on one side of the handlebars to keep from sliding out on a corner.

What I want you to do is to spend 7 minutes watching this video. Granted, you can spend your entire life learning how to ride and how to be at the top of your game.

Entire magazines are devoted to mastering these skillsets.

But this video will give you an idea of what the basics are that you need to master to have the best experience possible.

Off road riding is one of the most challenging and rewarding sports you will ever enjoy. Mastering these simple mountain biking will give you an excellent, first time experience.

(Author Dave Henly is a blogger at davescheapbikes.com)

Intervjuer inför mtbSM

Talk of bike fortsätter sina SM veckor, om en vecka drar mtb SM igång uppe i Rättvik.
Först ut att svara på frågor inför det är Martina Thomasson.

Nöjd med din egen säsong hittills?

Jo, jag är nöjd med min start av säsongen – jag har tagit ett par segrar och flertalet pallplaceringar.

Vem tippar du har chans på mästartröjorna?

I damklassen har självklart Alexandra Engen en bra chans att försvara tröjan, men jag tror att vi är flera tjejer som kan vara med och utmana henne – jag, Ann berglund, Åsa Erlandsson och Emmy Thelberg kan och kommer köra riktigt bra.

Damjunior – Jenny Rissved

Herrelit – Emil Lindgren

Herrjunior – Ingen aning!

Kommer du köra alla lopp?

Ja, det kommer jag.

Vad tror du om banorna, passar dom dig?
Ja, jag tror att de kommer att vara roliga att köra.

Vilket/vilka lopp kör du som uppladdning inför SM?

Jag har precis kört Ränneslättsturen och kommer köra Mörksuggejakten med innan SM. Därutöver blir det träning och mycket återhämtning.


English Translation:


Talk of the bike continues its SM weeks, in a week, mtb SM starts up in Rättvik.
First, to answer questions about it is Martina Thomasson.

Satisfied with your own season so far?

Yes, I’m happy with my start of the season – I’ve won a few wins and the majority of pallet placements.

Who dare you have a chance at the championship trousers?

Of course, in the women’s class, Alexandra Engen has a good chance of defending the shirt, but I think we are several girls who can join and challenge her – I, Ann Berglund, Åsa Erlandsson and Emmy Thelberg can and will run really well.

Damjunior – Jenny Rissved

Herrelit – Emil Lindgren

Herrjunior – No clue!

Will you run all the races?

Yes, I’m coming.

What do you think about the courses do they suit you?
Yes, I think they will be fun to drive.

Which race are you running for SM?

I have just drove the Rattneslättsturen and will drive the Mörksugge hunt with before SM. In addition, it will be training and a lot of recovery.

Intervjuer inför mtbSM – Fredrik Edin, Cykloteket Racing Team

Nöjd med din egen säsong hittills?

Den har klart gått över förväntan mot den träningen jag har lagt ner. Studierna har gjort att jag inte fått möjlighet att cykla så mycket som jag egenentligen känner jag skulle lagt ner för att tade sista topplaceringarna.

Vem tippar du har chans på mästartröjorna?

Emil Lindgren eller Magnus Darvell.

Kommer du köra alla lopp?

Kommer köra tempo, XC och stafett.

Vad tror du om banorna, passar dom dig?

Enligt det jag har hört kommer de passa min åkning. Tror jag kommer få möjlighet att provköra banan innan SM.

Vilket/vilka lopp kör du som uppladdning inför SM?



English Translation:


Satisfied with your own season so far?

It has clearly exceeded the expectation of the training I have laid down. The studies have meant that I have not had the opportunity to ride as much as I really feel I would have put down to score the last top scores.

Who dare you have a chance at the championship trousers?

Emil Lindgren or Magnus Darvell.

Will you run all the races?

Will run tempo, XC and relay.

What do you think about the courses do they suit you?

According to what I have heard, they will fit my ride. I think I will be able to test the course before SM.

Which race are you running for SM?


Cheap, Easy, DIY Upgrades For Your Mountain Bike

You’ve been saving up all year, and you just splurged on a mountain bike. (Let me guess, you got the Diamondback Hook?)

You love this ride, but now you are ready for every upgrade you can afford.

Here’s the good news, there are several extremely affordable upgrades you can set you to ride up with that will enhance your enjoyment without breaking the bank.

1. Dropper Post

Ok, so this one is going to break the bank. But they are pretty easy to install and can do a lot to upgrade your riding experience.

Have you ever gone off a harsh landing only to get racked by your seat? Ever feel like you have to choose between riding with your seat at the right height or being brutalized by it on the descents?

Well, no more.

With a Dropper seat post, you can push your seat down and keep it out of the way on those bumpy descents and hardcore drops. And then, with a flick of the switch, it pops back up underneath your butt to give you the correct height for that climbing power.

Sure, this is one you might want to save up for, but you’ll love how much it adds to your ride.

2. Add Color

I love adding a splash of color to my bike, and few riders realize just how many parts can be customized.

With a little collaboration with your local shop, you’ll find that there are many nuts and screws that come in colors other than silver or black.

You may want to start by picking out a major part — like your pedals — and then choosing colors than complement that part. I’ve seen bikes themed in all sorts of colors, and even a few free-spirited riders who throw components of every color on their cycles. They are a rainbow of colors, barrelling down the trail.

Here are some components that you can customize:

  • Headtube spacers
  • Chainring nuts
  • Replacing your Clips with colored zip ties
  • Colored brake and shift cable ends
  • Chainstay protector (either colored electrical tape or something like Lizard Skins. Or, hell, sew your own.)
  • Grips (plus you can get something more comfortable!)
  • Aluminum bar ends
  • A colored chain
  • colored, aluminum valve stem

3. Rear Derailleur

Often, these bikes come with really low-end rear derailleurs. A high-end rear derailleur can often be had for under $100. Upgrading can give you smoother and slightly faster shifting, plus all of the buddies will ooh and ahh over it the next time you are riding.

4. Ditch the Dork Disk

That plastic disk that came with your bike? Yeah, it is there to protect the spokes. But, if you are keeping your bicycle properly adjusted, you really won’t have any need for that disk.

Besides, they typically just come loose and rattle the whole time you are riding, anyway. Cutting that off (don’t cut your spokes!) can give you a cleaner look.

Just keep in mind, that you have to keep everything adjusted, or your chain can slide off on the inside and chew everything up.

Of course, proper maintenance is more important than any amount of fun upgrades you might put on your bike. Keep in mind that you will want to have a good lube and cleaning system and that you will either need a budget for keeping your bike tuned, up, or you might need to invest in some simple tools for maintaining it yourself.

Here’s a video with a few more tips for upgrading

Of course, you could forget about these upgrades and just keep riding. After all, a bike looks best with a little mud on it.

Intervju med Christofer Stevenson.

Hej Christofer!
Från att ha kört på kontinentalnivå till att köra för Motala i år, hur har det ändrat till upplägg och synsätt på ditt cyklande?


Jag gick in med inställningen att ha skoj på hoj i år, vilket jag har haft med det gänget jag varit ute med. Det har även gjort att jag suttit på cykeln en tredjedel av tiden jämfört med tidigare år och även börjat stanna för fika under träningspassen. Men min kärlek till sporten har inte svalnat.
Ett annat mål var att höja nivån på tävlandet här i Sverige, vilket är svårt att ha bevis för. Men ser man generellt tycker jag att det har varit fler intressanta lopp än på länge, den största bidragande orsaken till det är nog inte jag, utan att det inte har funnits något dominant lag. Helt plötsligt har fler vågat ta intiativ och inte avvaktat för att se vad ”det bästa laget” ska göra. Vi får se om den offensiva cykelåkningen håller i sig även nästa år jag hoppas på det!

Nöjd med årets resultat?

Ja, jag har haft skoj, även om det grämer mig att jag vaknade upp sjuk inför det enda lopp jag verkligen ville vinna, eftersom jag inte vunnit det innan. En bana som passar mig fint, men som det alltid varit stolpe ut på, tänker på Scandinavien race/Skandis.

Du åkte även några mtblopp, vilket var några år sedan, satt tekniken i eller?

Håller man sig till långloppen, som jag gjorde krävs inte så mycket teknik nu förtiden upptäckte jag, vilket passar mig bra. Även om man på de få tekniska partier som finns blir avhängd, men då får man ta hjälp av slätdraget för att komma ikapp senare.

 Fick du mersmak och blir det fler tävlingar 2015?

Ja, det var skoj och jag kommer köra de flesta lopp i Långlopps Cupen, om de inte krockar med viktiga tävlingar på landsvägen.

I dina yngre dagar åkte du mycket skidor och förra året blev du 191:a på Vasaloppet, blir det någon skidåkning denna vinter?

Jo, det blir en liten satsning mot Vasan, målet är att få en nummerlapp med namn på (150 första) och därifrån är det inte långt till ”Topp-100”. Så jag hoppas kunna nå upp till det inom två år.

Så det tränas mest på skidorna nu eller?

Nja, svårt när det är knapert med snö, även om det blir mer fokus mot det.

Nyss avgjordes ju banSM i din hemstad Falun, inget du som kört en del bana ville delta i?

Jag kände väl att jag kunde ställt upp, men då hade det varit som utfyllnad, vilket jag inte var så sugen på. Vi får se till nästa år, 4000 m skulle väl vara det som passar bäst i sådana fall.

Ok, då får vi hoppas att det kommer lite snö så du kan få ett lyckat Vasalopp till att börja med.

Ja det gör vi, det går rykten om att att det ska arrangeras VM i skidsport här i byn och de borde ju också vara intresserade av den varan.

English Translation:


Hi Christofer!
From driving at a continental level to driving for Motala this year, how has it changed your minds and views on your cycling?



I went in with the attitude of having fun at this year, which I’ve had with the gang I’ve been doing. It has also made me cycle on a third of the time compared with previous years and also started to stay for coffee during the training session. But my love for the sport has not cooled down.

Another goal was to raise the level of the competition here in Sweden, which is hard to prove. But, generally speaking, I think there have been more interesting races than in the long run, the biggest contributing factor to that is probably not me, without the fact that there has been no dominant act. Suddenly, more people have dared to take intiative and not awaited to see what “the best team” should do. We’ll see if the offensive bike racing lasts even next year I hope so!


Satisfied with the result for the year?


Yes, I’ve had fun, even though I was getting sick for the only reason I really wanted to win because I did not win it before. A track that fits me nicely, but as it always was, I think of Scandinavia’s race / Skandis.


You also went some mtblopp, which was a few years ago, put the technology in or?


Keeping track of the long run, as I did, does not require much technology nowadays I discovered, which suits me well. Even though the few technical parties that are available will be removed, then you can get help from the sledge to catch up later.


Did you get more food and will it be more competitions 2015?


Yes, it was fun and I will run most of the race in the Långlopp Cup if they do not crash with important competitions on the highway.


During your younger days, you went a lot of skiing and last year you became 19th at Vasaloppet, will there be skiing this winter?


Yes, there will be a small bet against Vasan, the goal is to get a number tag with the name (150 first) and from there it’s not far to “Top 100”. So I hope to reach it within two years.



So is it most exercised on the skis now or?


Well, it’s hard when snow is cluttered, even if there’s more focus on it.


Did you ever decide on a banSM in your hometown Falun, nobody who ran a lot of course wanted to participate?


I felt I could stand up, but then it would have been like filling, which I was not so crazy about. We are going to see next year, 4000m would be the one that fits best in such cases.

Ok, then we hope there will be some snow so you can get a good Vasalopp to start with.


Yes, we do, rumors are that the World Championships in skiing are here in the village and they should also be interested in that product.

Stevenson tippar Östgöta.

Nyligen hemkommen från läger i Spanien tippar Christofer Stevenson helgens pallplatser på anrika Östgötaloppet. Sina egna chanser anser han vara mindre då lägret haft All inclusive vilket betytt lite för mycket mat och dryck under två veckor. Om det är mörkning eller inte får vi se på söndag.

1. Johan Svensson

2. Alexander Gingsjö

3. Lars Andersson


Recently returned from camps in Spain, Christofer Stevenson drowns the weekend’s pallet stalls on the charming Östgötaloppet. His own chances he believes is less when the camp had All inclusive, which meant a little too much food and drink for two weeks. If there is darkness or not, we’ll see you on Sunday.

1. Johan Svensson

2. Alexander Gingsjö

3. Lars Andersson

Intervju med Klas Nordström

Hej Clas!
Du har sedan en tid jobbat som Category Manager hos Shimano och Pearl Izumi, hur hamnade du där?
Jag hade jobbat för Canyon i ungefär två år och kände att jag ville arbeta med mer långsiktiga kundrelationer med möjligheten att investera mer tid och energi vid varje kundkontakt. Att kunna bo och arbeta internationellt var också något som jag saknade från det universitetsåret som jag studerade i Nederländerna och Tyskland. Canyon hade inga öppna positioner inom storkundsförsäljning, så jag började leta efter andra intressanta arbetsgivare och positioner. Det visade sig att Shimano sökte en Category Manager med ansvar för cykelskor, så jag skickade in en ansökan. Min högskoleutbildning, erfarenhet från cykelindustrin och bakgrund som tävlingscyklist var övertygande nog för att bli kallad till intervju. Sedan var det nog personlighet och produktkunskap som övertygade dem om att jag var rätt person för jobbet.
Vad har du för arbetsuppgifter?
Jag arbetar med distributörsförsäljning av Shimanos och Pearl Izumis cykelskor och tillhörande produktionsplanering. Utöver detta så läggs mycket tid på att ge utvecklingsteamen i Japan och USA konstant produktfeedback, vilket också gör samarbetet med våra distributörer väldigt viktigt. På skofronten ansvarar jag för Norra och Västra Europa, Ryssland, Mellanöstern och Sydafrika. Tillsammans med min kollega som täcker Södra och Östra Europa, så arbetar jag fram riktlinjer och önskemål som ska representera en så stor andel av våra marknader som möjligt. Min roll innebär att jag ständigt besöker och arbetar med människor från en rad olika länder och kulturer. Det ställer höga krav, men gör också jobbet oerhört stimulerande.
Kontoret ligger i Freiburg, Tyskland, stor omställning att flytta från Sverige?
Jag har tidigare bott i Tyskland, så jag visste i stort sett vad som väntade innan jag flyttade hit. Den Tyska byråkratin kan vara förvånansvärt ineffektiv många gånger, men jag har lyckligtvis fått en hel del hjälp av min arbetsgivare med den biten.
Men bra område för cykling va?
Ja, för oss som gillar att cykla både uppför och utför så erbjuds väldigt goda träningsmöjligheter i närområdet, så bra att en hel del World Tour och MTB-proffs håller till här.
Jag vet ju att du är en prylnörd, får du en överdos att prylar på arbetet nu?
Haha, man skulle kunna tro det, men så känns det verkligen inte. Jag brinner verkligen för det jag arbetar med och jag har förmånen att arbeta med likasinnade kollegor.
Vad är mest spännande med jobbet?
Det är helt klart att vi har så mycket inflytande i utvecklandet av nya modeller. Om vi kan motivera det så kan vi driva fram utvecklandet av helt nya modeller, men det kräver ett nära samarbete med distributörer och ständiga marknadsbesök. Jag älskar att resa och arbeta med människor, så det passar mig väldigt bra!
Du har ingen produktnyhet att berätta om?
Vi har mycket nytt och en hel del banbrytande nyheter under utveckling för 2015 och 2016, men i nuläget kan jag inte avslöja några detaljer.
Bland årets nyheter så skulle jag lyfta fram tre modeller som jag tycker extra mycket om. Shimano XC90 är en ny MTB-sko som just nu används flitigt av många cyclocrossåkare i världscupen. Förutom den låga vikten och läckra designen så passar den lika bra på fötterna som de bästa landsvägsskorna på marknaden. Pearl Izumis MTB-serie X-Project och landsvägsskon P.R.O. Leader II utmärker sig med andra egenskaper. X-Project 1.0, 2.0 och 3.0 erbjuder väldigt hög vridstyvhet på cykeln, men yttersulans design ger extra flexibilitet vid tårna och hälen, vilket gör dem väldigt bekväma att gå och springa i. P.R.O. Leader II har en helt unik BOA-snörning där BOA-hjulet sitter mitt på skon, vilket bidrar till väldigt god bekvämlighet även när man spänner åt den hårt.

English Translation:


Hi Clas!


For a while you have been working as Category Manager at Shimano and Pearl Izumi, how did you get there?

I had worked for Canyon for about two years and felt that I wanted to work with more long-term customer relations with the opportunity to invest more time and energy at each customer contact. Being able to live and work internationally was also something I missed from the university year I studied in the Netherlands and Germany. Canyon had no open positions in large-scale sales, so I started looking for other interesting employers and positions. It turned out that Shimano was looking for a Category Manager in charge of bicycle shoes, so I submitted an application. My college education, experience from the bicycle industry and background as a race cyclist were convincingly enough to be called for an interview. Then there was enough personality and product knowledge that convinced them that I was the right person for the job.

What do you have for tasks?

I work with distributor sales of Shimano’s and Pearl Izumi bicycle shoes and related production planning. In addition to this, much time is spent giving the development teams in Japan and the US constant product feedback, which also makes cooperation with our distributors very important. On the shoefront I am responsible for Northern and Western Europe, Russia, the Middle East and South Africa. Together with my colleague covering Southern and Eastern Europe, I work on guidelines and wishes that will represent as large a share of our markets as possible. My role means that I constantly visit and work with people from a variety of countries and cultures. It sets high demands, but also makes the job extremely stimulating.

The office is located in Freiburg, Germany, a big shift to move from Sweden?

I have previously lived in Germany, so I knew basically what to expect before moving here. The German bureaucracy can be surprisingly ineffective many times, but fortunately I have received a lot of help from my employer with that bit.

But good area for cycling?

Yes, for those who like to ride both cycling and running, very good training opportunities are offered in the area, so good that a lot of World Tour and MTB professionals are here.

I know you’re a nerd, do you get an overdose to work at work now?

Haha, you could believe it, but it really does not feel so. I really love what I’m working with and I have the privilege of working with like-minded colleagues.

What is most exciting with the job?

It is clear that we have so much influence in the development of new models. If we can motivate, we can drive the development of brand new models, but it requires close collaboration with distributors and constant market visits. I love traveling and working with people, so it suits me very well!

You have no product news to tell me about?

We have a lot of new and a lot of groundbreaking news under development for 2015 and 2016, but at the moment I can not disclose any details.

Among the news of the year, I would highlight three models that I think much more about. The Shimano XC90 is a new MTB shoe that is currently used widely by many cyclocrossers in the World Cup. In addition to the low weight and the delicious design, it fits as well on the feet as the best country road shoes on the market. Pearl Izumi MTB Series X-Project and Country Road Shoe P.R.O. Leader II distinguishes itself with other characteristics. X-Project 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 offer very high turning stiffness on the bike, but the outer sole’s design provides extra flexibility at the toes and heel, making them very comfortable to walk in. P.R.O. Leader II has a completely unique BOA lacing where the BOA wheel is in the middle of the shoe, which contributes to very good comfort even when tightened.

Darvell om SM

Sm går i Borås i år, har du kollat in banorna något?Nej men jag har kört en Sverigecupdeltävling där tidigare.

Kommer de passa dig tror du?

Jag har blivit så gammal och rutinerad att alla XC-banor och väder passar mig. Tidigare i karriären önskade jag många höjdmeter och leriga banor. Min cykelcrossatsning har förbättrat mina tidigare svaga sidor som igångdrag, starter, kurvtagning och psyke för att kunna avgöra på lättåkta banor.

Kör du både tempot och XC:n?


Vilka ser du som de största konkurenterna?

Emil Lindgren och Matthias Wengelin.

Att formen är bra har du precis visat med vinst i Raumerrittet och en andraplats på Lida Loop, hur ska du lyckas vara lika bra om någraveckor?

Formen har varit ok men inte alls som runt XC-SM förra året. Segern i Raumerrittet satt långt inne och jag fick slita hårt så det finns en hel del att slipa på.

Hur ser upplägget ut?

Efter Lida Loop fram till imorgon har jag viloperiod. Därefter blir det många timmar i sadeln följt av stenhårda intervallpass och långloppen Ränneslättsturen och Mörksuggejakten.


Hela Team Kalas kommer att köra LVG-SM i år. Det blir en viktig del av vår träning inför XC-SM. Jag ska göra ett försök till att förbättra min 12:e plats från tidigare LVG-SM på Sollerön. Söndagen efter Midsommar ska vi göra allt för att försvara Teamets färger i hemmaloppet “Cykel & Fjäll Grand Prix” http://www.teamcykelfjall.se/.

Slutligen, efter SM, vad ser du fram emot då?

XC-VM om jag kör tillräckligt bra för att bli uttagen. Cykelvasan och Birkebeinerrittet är väldigt roliga tävlingar och de viktigaste loppen för Teamet.